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Re: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

The AO-40 award idea sounds pretty good to me!  AO-40 is not a single
channel bird, there really will be room for everyone.  10 contacts is not an
unreasonable number at all.  On AO-13 we used to have round table
discussions with as many as ten people (remember the AMSAT nets on the
bird?).  Working 20 stations in an hour was not uncommon, during field day
we often worked more than 20 and hour.

It seems that many have missed the point of the "Field Day brouhaha".  The
point is the FM birds are not good Field Day birds.  I didn't hear anyone on
the list complaining about over use of AO-10 during Field Day (In fact the
opposite was true) or even FO-20 or 29.

My Opinion, 73,

> > [...]
> > ... But I'm thinking back to the brouhaha about Field Day. ...
> It seems like disallowing the use of AO-40 for Field Day points may
> make a lot more sense, at least based on the chatter on this list.

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