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Re: by the way....

"Mark L. Hammond" wrote:

> Signals are weak at my station this AM (bird is behind the house!)

Gosh, I thought I was the only one in that situation. :-) Right now my antennas
are on a tripod in the back yard, close to the house because of the coax length.
I'm planning to move the tripod to the only flat part of the roof sometime soon.
I'll still be able to get up to fiddle with the rotors, and to add antennas,
pre-amps  and converters to get into the tiny-wave bands later.

Still, I've come quite a ways from standing in the parking lot of my apartment
house waving an Arrow around in the dark. Monty Python fans on the list may be
amused to know that this dual CP Yagi array is now affectionately named "Spiny
Norman". I've got some rope lights draped over the coax, both to celebrate
Solstice and so nobody falls over them in the dark. Now to add some red LEDs to
the ends of the booms. :-) 

This morning I found myself wishing that I had my planned remote-tune-and-steer
setup working; AO-40 should clear the roofline while I'm at work, and I can
access Kasumi--the Linux box in my station--over the net from work.

I think 2m preamps may be a little premature, though; I doubt that 2m will be
the primary telemetry downlink frequency forever.

 73 de Maggie

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