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Re: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

Timothy J Salo wrote:

> It seems like disallowing the use of AO-40 for Field Day points may
> make a lot more sense, at least based on the chatter on this list.

I don't think totally disallowing *any* sat--even a LEO FM bird--for FD makes
sense. FD operations do a lot to promote awareness by the public and involvement
by hams in amateur radio satellites. AMSAT-NA has requested comments and
suggestions for changes to the rules for Field Day on the the FM birds.

But structuring the rules to shape the traffic demand *does* make sense. I only
mentioned the FD embroglio in this connection because it's a vivid demonstration
of how a contest can drive traffic demand onto a sat. I do think AO-40 should be
*allowed* for FD, and being a linear bird it's much less prone to

But the first operational orbit of AO-40 will see *plenty* of usage; essentially
tossing a contest into the mix along with that may not be a good idea. On the
other hand, the ten QSO's in Vince's suggestion may not really be a lot of
traffic on a many-channeled linear bird when a pass lasts ten hours, as opposed
to a single channel during a 15-minute pass. I'm really new to anything but the
FM sats, so folks with more experience than I in that kind of operation may want
to register their opinions.

*Some* award commemorating this historic occasion is certainly in order. and if
it can generate revenue for the AMSATs, so much the better. 

 73 de Maggie

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