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sound card

I'm using Nino's program. But I can't get beyond this,

>Synch received on Wed 29 Nov - 01:41:10 UTC
Reading block
End of Block
Block written to file P3D.TLM

L  3. After communication was established, the health of
OSCAR 40 was annualized and everything testable at this stage
except for the 70cm Tx was found to be nominal and fine.
4. The attitude control system then was calibrated and torque
operations were started to take the attitude to 270/0.  This
reorientation should be finished in a few days. Then we are
ready for the first planned orbit change (400N-mtr) resulting
in 50000 km apogee altitude. The attitude will also allow a...

Synch received on Wed 29 Nov - 01:41:24 UTC
Reading block
End of Block
Block written to file P3D.TLM

A  HI, THIS IS AMSAT OSU&        F   &&%&G$   'F FfD  f   d e%
) iEh)*&FF e&'$ -nM-Ld
d Ff f D  M
lmnd .L$ ,--nO$ .%D e%

>Block contains also binary datas that are not displayed

Very strong signal.  What I am after is the rest of the telemetry.  All I did
for a interface was to run a line out of the phone jack (FT736) to the line in
on the sound card.

Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks, de mike

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