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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2000 #467

Using the same config at a station I am helping setup.  I had no luck with
to DOS TSR's that are required for logsat to talk to the rotor and radio
under Win 98.  It would either do as you describe, or it would start
turning and continue banging against the limits.  The same hardware works
great with Nova so I know the equipment is in working order.  Just to
narrow it down why dont you at least temporarily remove the tsr's and try
running another program like nova to at least verify the equipment is

Anyone know of any Native Windows tracking programs that work with 98,
Yaesu 847, KCT, Yaesu 5500 rotor system.  Would like somthing fairly idiot
proof when setup properly because ultimatly this station will be a
SAREX/ARISS station and there will be several operators and I want to have
a nice, impressive to look at, turnkey system and not have to deal with
vagarys of incompatable software while I have 30+ screaming kids looking
over my shoulder.


"Voters decide nothing.  People who count the votes decide everything."

Joseph Stalin.

I am looking for information of hams who are using the combination of
Tracking program with the KCT board as I am having great problems

The voltages keep jumping while calibrating and so the antennae dont stay
steady. A new board was sent by KCT, and still it behaves the same way.

It is a brand new Yaesu 5500 az-el system. The PC is a pentium 550 mhz
128 Ram and Win 98-SE operating system

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