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Re: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

"Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" wrote:

>       I was thinking of the possible up coming limited use of AO-40 and to
> celebrate we could promote this event with a certificate called the "AO-40
> First Rev Certificate".
> Work ten or more stations on the first revolution that AO-40 is open for
> limited use and receive a Certificate.  This would be a once in a lifetime
> event.

This idea has a certain appeal. But I'm thinking back to the brouhaha about
Field Day. Admittedly, AO-40, even in limited service, is more than a little
different from UO-14 and AO-27 on Field Day. Still, if this idea goes forward,
perhaps the rules should be structured to encourage careful, *limited* use--"ten
QSOs on the first orbit" might be overdoing it. Based on the interest generated
just by the *launch*, I doubt we'll need to encourage traffic on the bird when
it opens up. Maybe the rules should tilt to a cert that's much easier to get,
but costs more. More AMSAT revenue both ways.

After all, how hard do we want to work Leila on her first day on the job? ;-)

 73 de Maggie 

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