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hey guys, need a firewall?

 well, as usuall the nuts have make another melisa type
virus which you might already know about. several have
came from people on this list here!
 this in combination with the unusual amount of hits my firewall
here has been takeing got me thinking (oh no ). how many
amsat people know about or let alone have a firewall to keep
the hackers out and stop the attachments?
 well i have fount a really good one thats free and easy to set
up at the best price i have seen yet (free).
 its at www.zonelabs.com  and its free for personal use. look
around a bit its there.
  its definatly worth the time and effort to do this. i cant stress
that enough. and no i dont get anything out of this btw. but i
definatly thought i would pass it along.
 p.s. definatly update the vir dat files and do a scan. (i stoppped
the ones here dead in their tracks).
 just for whats its worth. 
Alan Bethel KE6QIS
grid CN70vs
e-mail ke6qis@yahoo.com
homepage http://homestead.juno.com/ke6qis

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