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RE: copyright??

Hi, Paul!!

At 12:58 AM 29-11-00 -0400, paul.willmott@omsl.bm wrote:
>Copyright automatically is granted under international law to the creator of
>a "work".... AMSAT-DL (not me BTW) created the "Work", ... its got nothing
>to do with amateur licences.

I know the treaty provisions you're talking about.  Seems there is a direct 
conflict, then, between copyright law on "creation" and telecom treaty text 
on pecuniary interest.

Further confusion comes from having at least a dozen amateur satellite 
societies and several individuals who contributed to the A0-40 project and 
there is an international program board to plan operations.

Will the real "owner" please stand up?

Yes, the license is German.  But, that's only for the purpose of having an 
individual to be responsible for operation of the transmitters, not 

What to do?

Clearly, any copyright claim can't be defended, given that many of us are 
passing copies around the planet routinely and without objection, and none 
of us is permitted to gain any benefit from copying.

Frankly, I'd leave it off.  Makes life much simpler.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  Hope they help.

73, art.....

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