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A Trackbox Question

Hello group!

This regards Trackbox "Flip" mode operation.
Can I designate "flip" mode on a bird by bird basis, or
must I do all or nothing.

It would be nice to Not do Flip for the Moyan birds if I know
I'm only going to be tracking them for a few minutes. I leave
the beams parked at 0 degrees EL to be ready to use locally
(repeaters etc.).

Thanks,   Gary


Gary Bargholz
AMSAT Area 9 Coordinator, Wisconsin
Chairman:  W.A.R. The WI Association of Repeaters
Treasurer:  M.R.C. The Milwaukee Repeater Club 146.910MHz PL 127.3
Owner:      N9UUR Repeater Milwaukee 442.425 MHz PL 127.3
                N9UUR-10 Milwaukee APRServe IGate (N9UUR.IMC.MU.EDU:23)
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