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Re: Ham Club Demo-Houston

I also plan to be at the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (B-VARC) meeting 
on Dec. 4th with Jerry, Bruce, Mahana and Andy.  Scott KD5FBA and Darrell 
KC5JAR also attend almost every B-VARC meeting.  It will be a gathering of 
most of the satellite enthusiasts in the Houston area.  Probably, the only 
Houston area station on during that UO-14 pass will be from the B-VARC 
meeting, so please listen for us and give us a few contacts.

Allen N5AFV

At 05:43 PM 11/28/00 +00-06, you wrote:
>On December 4th, Jerry, K5OE will be speaking at the Brazos Valley
>Amateur Radio Club (BVARC). The meeting begins at 7:30pm (CST) (0130z
>on December 5th). He is going to talk about his antenna designs for
>operating on satellites.
>Andy, W5ACM will be there with a group of 8 Boy Scouts that are studying for
>their license.
>I will be there too as well as W5BTS. There is a pass of UO-14 at 8:30pm
>(CST) (0230z Dec 5). We plan on being in the parking lot and demonstrating
>working the satellites with our ht's. Look for us.
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