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Re: Predict & AO-40

I had an amusing problem with IT 1.5 and the keps for AO-40.  I loaded
the initial keps manually and used lower case and the dummy id numbers in
the pre-launch keps.  A few days after launch I updated automatically and
I began to see a difference between IT and FODTRACK but only with AO-40. 
I updated the keps again but no joy.  I even downloaded the Station
Program and ran it to see if it agreed with FODTRACK or IT.  It agreed
with FODTRACK.  I looked at the keps in IT and found that they were still
element set 1.  I corrected the ID numbers and forced another update and
IT indicated that AO-40 was updated but the keps remained set 1!  I
decided that was impossible so I went off to bed.  Sometime during the
night I decided that I must have two AO-40 entries in IT.  Sure enough
when I checked this morning there was the original set as "ao-40" at
position #4 with a "u" after the object number and another "AO-40" entry
at number 55.  I only work the analog birds so I never look beyond the
first few entries.  Big mistake.  I'm not sure if the problem was the
lower case/upper case difference or the "u" after the object number but
the program was updating the second entry (which was copied there on the
first auto update) but using the first entry when running the program. 
Simple problem but it kept me going for a couple of days.

73 de Jess - W4MVB 
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