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Re: Sattrack Compile Problems.

Christopher Maness wrote:

> I have been trying to comple Sattrack for some time.  All of the other
> binaries compile, but the sattrack binary fails to compile.

Oh, jeez...I remeber running into this ages ago. It has something to do with the
header files for the Linux kernel; they're named funny. I'm at work, let me see
if I can remeber how I hacked it into working sometime over the next few days.

In the meantime allow me to suggest you check out PREDICT from John Magliacane,
KD2BD, and the editor of Space News...


I was one of his Linux beta sites, the program works well. I'm only still
running SatTrack from force-of-habit. And because it was a challenge to get
running. Someday it will irritate me badly enough and I'll dump it. :-) 

 "Keep the Internet from turning into CB: refuse to chat with "no-code"
computer users." :-) 

 73 de Maggie KB3DXS

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