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SatTrack 3.1.7 - Yup again!


For those that don't know SatTrack 3.1 is a Linux satellite tracking and
display program.  It was originally written back in the early 90's and then
the Author went on to a commercial project with a 4.0 release and stopped
maintenance on 3.1.  3.1 was released in a GPL version with source and the
author maintaining ownership.

Most people that have tried to build 3.1.5 or 3.1.6 or .7 for that matter
have met some problems.  It comes from changes in header files and also
differences in glibc vs. libc.  Anyway.....

I started with 3.1.5, found 3.1.6 that was released from the original
author, then I found a 3.1.7 that had some tweaks to it, but didn't have the
Y2K patch.

I put them all together and now I have a 3.1.5a version (I started from
3.1.5), with all the 3.1.6 changes and the 3.1.7 changes except for the
comments.  I've built it fine under Redhat 7.0 with X11.  It should build
under any version now... I hope :-).

I have a tgz file with just the src and the makefile that I use.  If you'd
like it... Drop me a note.  (the src and Make are just a partial of the
original distribution)  I may put it all together in one form, but I've got
it to a point and figured I'd share.

Let me know,

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