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Fw: P3T..logging/replay problem

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From: "Jens Spiess" <jspiess@dplanet.ch>
To: "AMSAT" <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 7:49 PM
Subject: P3T..logging/replay problem

> Hi,all P3T users...
> Have a problem, I don`t understand a problem with LOGGING/REPLAY/FILTER-
> features of P3T.
> Have read the HELP-files about that,but could not find the reasons...
> Running here DSP1232 /new modem>N4HY-514 byte-AW set to 8 bits/P3T.
> All telemetry will displayed in real-time in all windows,beautiful.
> 514 byte ..o.k.....CRCC...o.k.....or some FAIL`s.
> I started the CAPTURE-process : saved as "a" or "A" and CRCC
> all starting and displayed okay,capture proceeded.
> After that session,get a Ao40 LOS,P3T was closed / started new again...I
> started
> the FILTER function to sorting and filtering the blocks.....BUT following
> message
> will displayed: >File error ! File altered or incorrect length.<
> I confirmed the >o.k.< than could start filtering.
> BLK`s named okay.....
> Than started REPLAY ,selected different files for displaying...BUT the
> message
> will displayed: >File error ! File altered or incorrect length.<
> Note: The selected file was clicked and in blue color ,white letters.
> I had all done I could read/understand in the HELP-menu,but NO REPLAY
> In the P3T-main directory ALL is saved in telemetry-subdirectory okay:
> .raw,or .tlm....and the blocks K/L/M/N ,saved with right mouse click,are
> saved as
> correct text-files.
> Any comments for HELP,PLEASE....!
> Thanks and 73`s de
> Jens
> HB9JOI / ( DL9FAA )
> AMSAT-DL.#9802268
> e-mail: jspiess@dplanet.ch

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