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Re: Predict & AO-40

Christopher Maness wrote:

> I added AO-40 to the list of satellites (editing predict.tle) and it
> works, but predict doesn't seem to like the single set of keps from
> p3d-tle.txt. Therefore, I can't load fresh keps for AO-40.  It
> complains with the message "Only 1 NASA two line Element was found."
>  I also tried apending this file to the regular nasa.all file with no
> success.  What should I do?

In addition to the other suggestions posted by others, I have one
basic question for you.  Are you SURE that anything is broken?

Predict has been configured with 24 different satellites in its
internal database, unless you have deleted one or more of them.
The file p3d-tle.txt contains data for ONLY ONE satellite,
namely AO-40.  When you issue the command to "refresh" the
keps from an external file, Predict finds data for ONLY ONE of
the 24 satellites, and tells you "Only 1 ... element was found"
which is exactly true.  So I don't think anything is actually
broken, unless there is some other evidence of a problem in
addition to what you said above.  The program is just warning
you that the file you are refreshing from has no data for the
other 23 satellites.

Try grabbing the following file from the Internet:

Un-zip it in the Predict directory, which will give you
a file named TL001127.TXT.  Start Predict, and ask it to
refresh its Keps from THAT file.  I bet you get no
error messages.  (Dave Ransom has added AO-40 into his
standard Keps files now, with its correct catalog number.
If you still get an error message, such as "only 23
satellites updated" or whatever, I'd bet that you have
Predict configured with the old temporary catalog
number in the 99 thousand range.)

Hope that helps!  (It works for me!)
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