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Re: Predict & AO-40

I had a similar problem, but got things to work if I renamed it
OSCAR-40 in predict.tle (all of the Oscar sats are named this way in
predict.tle).  I tried orb00328.2l.amsat from the keps@amsat.org list
and it updated fine.


On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 08:45:24AM -0800, Christopher Maness wrote:
> I added AO-40 to the list of satellites (editing predict.tle) and it
> works, but predict doesn't seem to like the single set of keps from
> p3d-tle.txt. Therefore, I can't load fresh keps for AO-40.  It complains
> with the message "Only 1 NASA two line Element was found."  I also tried
> apending this file to the regular nasa.all file with no success.  What
> should I do?

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