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Job Posting

Greetings All,

I thought you would be interested to know that Wavix, in partnership with 
VITA and SatelLife, finally got the funding we need to set up a global 
satellite communication system using HealthSat-2 and the commercial 
transponder on UoSAT-12 (Uo-36). The satellite transponders and protocols 
are identical to those used in the amateur community. Only the frequencies 
are different, being in the commercial Little LEO band and licensed to VITA 
by the FCC in the US. The details of the satellite system can be found on 
our web site at http://www.wavix.com.

We need a few good engineers to help design the mobile terminals and ground 
systems and operate the satellites. I thought there might be people on this 
list who would like to use their expertise to help create this system. We 
are located in the Washington, DC area.  You can read the job descriptions 
by clicking the "Careers" button on our web site.

John Borden

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