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Re: another P3T server up

Looks good to me.  You can use explorer to find telnet.exe
in c:\windows and drag it to your desktop for faster startup.
p3t works well under w98 being driven by the same server.

Richard W5SXD

T5z4@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 11/27/00 6:39:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, rca@ibm.net
> writes:
> << I used telnet on both w95 and w98 to watch the data.  Just
>  connect to port 1040 and the text starts flowing.
>  The satellite must be  up at the server location.  I can also use
>  p3t to display from the same source.  It all works nicely.
>   >>
> Wow, that's neat.  So, I guess the same connection process I indicated I used
> for connecting to the packet cluster on telnet works for this connection too?
> If I understand correctly, I would select Start / Run / type Telnet /
> select connect / select remote system / type "" for the
> cluster server / type "1040" for the port / and leave Term type as "Vt100"
> Is this the procedure?
> 73, Steve
> K5PK

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