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AO11 S Band ?? was Re: How about AO-16??-->2.4 Ghz "Microwave"transmitter

Paul Williamson wrote:
> At 01:06 PM 11/27/2000 -0500, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> >And what about AO-16?
> >
> >A few months ago I asked on this list for some indication from a command
> >station, but nobody ever replied.  Anyone know who to ask regarding this?
> Your suggestion was discussed by the command team, but we're not in a
> position to act on it right now.
> To run the S-band downlink without constant manual supervision from command
> stations, we need some new spacecraft software. Unfortunately, there's a
> heavy overlap between the microsat software team and the P3D software team
> (and for other satellite projects as well). Getting new software for AO-16
> is a bit slow right now, and not really anybody's first priority.

Isn't UO11 S band beacon on?

73 Eric  eac@shore.net  WB1HBU
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