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Portable FM Operations

Many thanks to all those who worked me this past weekend while I was out in
Washington County, IA, grid EN41.  It was a lot of fun and was my first time
operating FM portable.

I ran 5 Watts to my Arrow antenna using a TH-D7A.  It took a little getting
used to tracking the satellite, tuning the radio and talking, but eventually
I got the hang of it (the Arrow sure gets heavy after a while though!).  I
virtually missed the first pass of AO-27 that I tried for, but managed to
get on to UO-14.  UO-14 was sure a mess however!  And I did hear the ISS
communications and all although I did not know, it was the ISS but thought
it to be some lid on the UO-14 uplink.

So it was a lot of fun.  If anyone that worked me needs EN41 or Washington
County, IA then please send me a QSL card.  I recorded all the passes on a
tape player and so have everything logged audio wise.

By the way, my tape player is a model that Aiawa makes.  It's the only
"walkman" type cassette player that also records (at least that Best Buy
carries).  It worked real well. I plugged the audio from the HT into the mic
jack and then listened to the tape via the headphone jack.  Worked like a

Now, I have a new opportunity for some good satellite passes in potentially
rare grids at least for those of you in the southern US.  In January it
looks like I'll be going on a business trip to Costa Rica.  I have no idea
what the licensing is like there, but I'd love to take the radios with and
give out some Costa Rican grids.  Can anyone help with this?

Thanks es 73,


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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