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Re: how abt ao-40 beacon on mode-S?

on 11/27/00 6:04 PM, John P. Toscano at tosca005@tc.umn.edu wrote:

> The original plan was to use the 400 N motor to do the initial orbit
> modifications, and that is on the bottom of the craft, meaning that
> the omni antennas would stay pointed more-or-less towards Earth at
> the time of the burn.  Now the plan has changed, to start the orbit
> modifications with the ArcJet motor.  That motor is on the top
> surface of the satellite.  So I presume that there is a plan to flip
> the satellite to face in the opposite direction (top pointed towards
> Earth) before the ATOS is fired.  My guess is that this is why there
> was hope given that we may be allowed some very limited transponder
> access during the first 9 months or so before the target orbit is
> reached and the solar panels are fully extended.

Actually, the plan is to NOW use the 400 N motor to start the burn.  The
400N motor is on the same side as the high gain antennas.  So if you want to
increase the apogee of the orbit, the motor will need to be pointed TOWARD
earth.  They are currently turning the satellite over, which will allow them
to fire the motor to increase the apogee and it will also allow a high gain
antenna study.  If they need to flip it back over to use the arcjet, I'm
sure they'll do that when it is time.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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