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RE: Eggbeater antennas for AO40?

> I live in a place with severe antenna restrictions.
> I am looking for a stealth and/or portable solution for 
> satellite operation.

For LEOs, you can't go past the portable beams.  Either home brew, or buy an

> Does anyone have an opinion as to whether I could have any 
> success with 
> AO40 using the M2 Eggbeater antennas for 2-Meters and 70cm?

I doubt it, AO-40 is much higher.  You may hear the beacon, but might be
pushing to get more than CW through the bird.  I'd go for the microwave
bands on AO-40, where the antenna size is more manageable for the same
performance.  Build up or buy a couple of transverters and get on Mode L/S.

I'm in exactly the same boat as you, I can only run portable on the birds,
and my plans are as follows:

FM LEO - Using a home brew dual band beam, 0.5 - 5W uplink power (up to
about 25W EIRP on 70, 12W EIRP on 2).

AO-40 - the beam may be useful for perigee passes (we will get those on this
side of the world, but you won't), or up to 25000 km, but for serious AO-40
work, I'm planning to build a L/S station around an old microphone stand
that I hame.  For 1269, I will most likely go for a helix, around 16 turns,
and about 10-20W drive.  On 2400, I can aquire (actually, just have to pick
it up), a dish from a defunct pay TV service, and feed that with a 3 turn

Hope that helps.
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