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DSP-1232 514 byte...IT WORKS NOW..!

Hi Stephen,Roger and Bob....
The new modem is uploaded now into the DSP1232
and the Ao40 telemetry is coming in P3T with
CRCC...OK/..or FAIL  and 514 byte blocks.
Only after complete resetting the DSP1232 I lost
the new modem and it must installed new.
I think that is normal,because the battery-back-up RAM get a reset and only
modems are stored in the EPROM are available after
complete reset,not after turned off only.

The problems to upload the modem was multiple
configuration mistakes in the hyperterminal
default values.
Important was that the HARDWARE-protokoll must be
setting to Xon/Xoff..!!
And the EMULATION must set to AUTOMATIC.

Only at one thing I must take a look again:
Again I could only logging the telemetry but
could NOT REPLAY it again in P3T.
Always following message coming:
>File error ! <
>File altered or incorrect length...<

The reasons for that are unknown for me at present time.
Will see again..next days..

Thanks to ALL for comments about my questions
and some help...


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