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Re: another P3T server up

At 04:41 PM 11/27/2000, Howard Long wrote:
>Question for you:
>What center freq do you tune the radio to?

Whatever the DSP-93 "likes" ;-)  It will lock on the three signals, but the 
center one is the "right" one.  I manually tune and find the one that 
prints, and the DSP-93 tracks it from there.

Here is a little experiment I did--with a signal locked and printing via 
the DSP-93, I fired up Nino's sound card software.  It was indicating right 
about 1600 Hz...

That still doesn't answer your question, I'm afraid.  I don't really know 
what the frequency is...maybe somebody else can comment?  I'm wanting to 
say 145.898 but that's NOT close enough to do what you want to do--and I'm 
wanting to do it too!  It's getting too early in the AM to catch AOS here 
in the US ;)  I too would like to have a proggie load the VFO for me.

Let me know what you find out...

>What I'm really trying to say is what's the center frequency when zero
>doppler at, say, a nominal IZ8BLY frequency of 1500Hz (happens to match my
>That way I'll fire up my Fodtrack and oblige from Blighty.
>Problem is I seem to be out almost all the time AO-40's up during the week,
>so have no way of accurately checking at the moment.
>73 Howard G6LVB

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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