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How to use the P3T TCP/IP telemetry client

Hello all,

I thought I would share some information about how to use P3T as a TCP/IP 

1) get the latest version of P3T.exe from here:

http://www.cstone.net/~w4sm2/software2/P3t_AP.zip  (As of 11/27/00, the 
current version is 1.2b)

2) unzip the archive.

3) run P3T.exe; it will require some setup information.  (I think you can 
select any com port).

During setup, select "block size" to match the server you are connecting 
to.  (If you are connecting to my server running an AMSAT/TAPR DSP-93, it 

4) start the TCP/IP window by selecting Menu->TCP/IP

5) In the "Host TCP/IP Address" window enter the TCP/IP address of the 
server you wish to connect to.  Click on/drag/highlight the server name or 
IP number, and then select Menu-> Save Server IP Addr

6) In the "Port" window enter the port of the server you wish to connect 
to.  Click on/drag/highlight the port number, and then select Menu-> Save Port

I know of two servers running on the east coast of the US at the moment--

static2.surrealnet.com ( port 1040 hosted by N8MH, Mark (me ;-)

audio.highrf.com port 8081  hosted by NE1H, Alan.

7) close the TCP/IP window

8) reopen the TCP/IP window by selecting Menu->TCP/IP

9) click the "Connect" button.  If successful, the connection should be 
immediate.  Upon a successful connection, the button will now read 
"Disconnect".  If the server you have connected to is still copying 
telemetry, you should soon be copying data as seen by the P3T window/Input 
showing which block and showing the bytes as increasing.

10) In the P3T window, click on the all of the data windows you want to see 
(Status, Matrix, Nav, Power, Temp) , EXCEPT for the "Events" window.  DO 
NOT select the Events box!

11) Click on the Disconnect button to disconnect from the P3T server when 
you are finished.

12) Trouble-shooting tips--
	If you are having troubles, be persistent!

	Beware of network connections behind firewalls, using NAT, etc.  You might 
not be able to use 	the port!  This is true for both P3T clients AND 
servers.  Sometimes your ISP may be the reason, 	sometimes it might be your 
OS, sometimes it might be your hub, etc.  Be thorough before you give 	up.

	And, keep in mind the satellite may be below the horizon, and the server 
shut down ;-)

Good luck and 73,

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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