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flaming titles

Hello Dr. Mills,

I am relatively new at this, and I am not personally aware of all that you
have done in regard to the construction and support of AO-40. HOWEVER I know
that several people whom I have come to respect for level headed, helpful
advice & commentary have been quick to speak in defense of your reputation.

If I may, I would like to add my voice to theirs. I have literally spent
hours, (well at least 2), just listening to AO-40's telemetry, and I am very
grateful for the massive effort that you and others have made, and still are
making, to see that AO-40 settles into its final orbit, and is opened up to
all of us.
Anyone who's title is M.D. and is actively involved in building and
launching a major satellite, has to be making a VERY major effort!  I have
never met a practicing Physician who has had a lot of free time.

--David, MsCE
David Kleinschmidt
Network Administrator & Generalist (NAG)

Just one question, as I close, for Mr. La Frieda. Is it not true that when I
call CQ, I only use my Call Sign, and that the responding operator replies
with his Call Sign? If so, then all of us should only be using Call Signs!!
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