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2.4 Ghz "Microwave" transmitter

As some of you may remember I have been working on my microwave transmitter 
for a couple of years now....to simplify design I have bolted the microwave 
to the top of a pipe flange on my rotatable mast...

By removing the door and bypassing the safety interlocks I have effectively 
developed a "dish" type arrangement with very good directivity...

The arrangement has 2 shortcomings...I have to run 120vac up the mast which I 
consider kind of dangerous...and secondly I have only been able to use it in 
CW mode by using a healthy surplus CW key to handle keying the power supply 

My problem...not many of my local hams use CW so I have to develop a new 
modulation scheme...and I am nervous the ferret will come in contact with the 
key and need pulmonary resuccitation some time when I am not around...

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks in advance!


Subj:   Re: [amsat-bb] 2.4 G beacon 
Date:   Mon, 27 Nov 2000 10:32:22 AM Eastern Standard Time 
From:   "Richard D. Reese" <richardr@sssnet.com> 
To:   "Francisco Costa" <fcosta@mail.telepac.pt>, <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>, "Mark 
L. Hammond" <hammond@surrealnet.net> 
Mark & All;

I have noticed over the years that I can tell when the neighbors have the
microwave in use by rotating the dish towards their homes.   There is a
noticeable increase in the noise floor.  My own oven at home will give a
pronounced increase in the noise floor.  The closer to 2450 GHz I tune the
higher the noise.  I have RX & TX ability 2400 to 2450 GHz.

Richard D.Reese  WA8DBW


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