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Re: 2.4 G beacon

Hello. This is Yoshi JF6BCC/KH2GR.

At 2000/11/27 21:46:54 Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> Now, can any of you electronic whizzes on the list suggest a
> more common  diode part to substitute for the 1SS85 component?

  How about this circuit?  This is the one that I made, that
had introduced by Japanese CQ Ham magazine few years ago -
designed by JA1DWO. I used this to check my Drake 2880 converter
modification. It works well with input 50.01MHz 200mW.


  Sorry that chart is written in Japanese. L is lead line with
12mm length. 1S1588 is most popular Si SW-Di for all-purpose.
May be any type of Si-Di will bw able to replace it.

  I also have a web page about S-band downconverter. Here is
the URL. But sorry it all written in Japanese only. 


73 de Yoshi JF6BCC/KH2GR

Yoshihiro Imaishi
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