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Re: Using Professional Titles on Amsat-bb


Seems like to me you don't have enough to do.

FYI, my ISP is through the University and specifically through the
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.  The tag line is
required by the department and is placed on there by the System
Administrator.  I have no intentions of getting it changed every time I
decide to send an email outside the University channels. Besides that, I
spent a _lot_of years of hard work getting that title.  I'm kind of proud
of it.

You know you should contact Stacey about that bad case of colic.  He could
possibly help you with it;-)

Dr. Jim Akers
Dept. of Electrical 
and Computer Engineering
Miss. State Univ. 

PS:Stacey, although I already done this in private, let me do it on the
bb.  Thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts.  I know it
has been a hectic time for you.  Look forward to seeing you at the
symposium next year in Atlanta.


On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, James R.La Frieda wrote:

> Have a question for all of you:  Do you call CQ or answer a call using your
> professional titles ?
> Certainly- you don't call CQ or reply to a call by saying-Hi - this is
> ......... M.D, or .......... Ph.D, or
> Dr.  ........, or .............. Not a Ph.D  !
> Bottomline: There is a place for using professional titles- and Ham Radio is
> not one of them. A long time ago- I called CQ on 20m and received a reply
> from a ham in Scottsdale, Arizona , who said : Hi- My name is Barry.  Note-
> he did not say- this is Senator Barry Goldwater !  Nor - did I say : hi -
> this is Dr. ........
> Hope you got the message !  Professional titles have their place - at work
> or where you hang your shingle and they shouldn't be used on the air or on a
> ham-radio message Board. Your name and your call - are the only things that
> should be used.
> All the Best,
> Jim,  N6MV

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