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Re: 2.4 G beacon

Hi Mike,

Ah, neat little signal generator.

Now, can any of you electronic whizzes on the list suggest a more common 
diode part to substitute for the 1SS85 component?

I can't find it in the Radio Shack catalog, and RFParts.com has a $25 
minimum, while the 1SS85 is only about $3.  Don't think I need 9 of them ;-)


Mark N8MH

AIf you're looking to check out your S band receiver, here's a good way to
>test it. Go to JN1GKZ's home page and check out the bottom of his "mod 3
>page" for the Drake 2880. URL:
>You will see a nifty little harmonic generator made out of a 10K resistor and
>1SS85 diode. The diagram suggests using 50 MHz, I use 400 MHz from my HT. 6th
>harmonic = 2400 MHz. Works slick!
>Mike, N1JEZ

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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