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Please HELP..DSP1232/514byte modem qload...

I could not load at present time the new programm - Ao40_dem - to install
the new 400bpsBPSK modem for 514byte into my DSP1232 as new modem to running
514 byte in P3T for error-correction and using the P3T LOGGING-feature..with
the correct tlm-file-length .....

Used Hyperterminal and the qload command,but all transfers failed and I
get always the message that  there is no RETURN-message from the DSP.
So I canceled all actions,no modem was new installed or stored in the
What is to do..?
Transfer as directory-file with protocol ...x..y..z - modem or kermit or
transfer as simple textfile....or what is my mistake I`m doing..??
I am confused...

Had unzipped Ao40_dem to get the programm-file M443b15.lod ,it`s now
available as LOD datei.

The DSP1232 is working o.k.with 512 byte for decoding AO40 tlm in P3T after
the OPmode DSP in Hyperterminal,no problem...

Thanks for help,
73`s de
Jens / HB9JOI
e-mail: jspiess@dplanet.ch

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