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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - Radar Detectors as receivers & test sources

Does anyone have any experience with using X / K band radar detectors as (a)
microwave receive converters and/or (b) signal sources (because they 'leak',
don't they)?

*	Radar detectors became illegal in cars and trucks in Australia about
6-8 years ago, and that means that people don't have them! It can be a VERY
expensive mistake to use one! It will NEVER go in my car. So, occasionally,
someone gives an old one to an electronic enthusiast or they go into 'garage
sale' or 'white elephant sale'. 

*	My "radar detector" came from the 'white elephant sale' at my
youngest son's school a few weeks ago (along with some other bits and pieces
including some memory that will go into a Windoze 95 system that only has
32M at the moment...) The device is 'as new' in its original box. 

*	Physically, it is about 100mm deep (front-back), 150mm wide, 15-20mm
thick. So... it COULD be mounted on a dish... but would need some weather

*	The antenna is behind a plastic cover and seems to be about half the
front face (i.e. ~10-15mm high x ~80-100mm wide).

*	Power is from a battery pack and/or 12V cigarette lighter plug and

The box says...
Make:	Maxon Systems Inc.
Model:	RD-XL Microsize Radar Detector
Freq: 	10.525GHz	X
	24.150GHz	K			
Bandwidth:	+/- 100MHz	X/K
Selectivity:	>80dB @ 50MHz from band edge
Receiver:	Dual scanning superhet
Detector Type:	Freq scanning AM pulse and FM discriminator
Signal Processor: CMOS digital, auto correlation

AO-40 Downlink Frequencies...
3cm 	10451.450 - 10451.750 MHz 	10451.025 - 10451.275 MHz 
1.5cm 	24048.450 - 24048.750 MHz 	24048.025 - 24048.275 MHz 

AO-40 Telemetry
3cm 	10451.000 MHz 	10451.150 MHz 	10451.400 MHz 
1.5cm 	24048.000 MHz 	24048.150 MHz 	24048.400 MHz 

Therefore, with little imagination, I should be able to have my "AO-40
Detector" do SOMETHING on both bands...

So, just asking...
Does anyone have any experience with using X / K band radar detectors as
microwave receive converters, etc?



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