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Re: Re: Using Professional Titles on Amsat-bb

I totally agree Jon.  Usually I delete this type of email but this was too
ridiculous to ignore.

Would it be so horrible that someone might actually look at the bottom of
the email, see a title, job description, etc and find out that another ham
spends most of his day doing the same thing that I do?  Maybe even get on
the air and speak to this ham and exchange ideas, etc?  Unless someone is
paying for their email by the character I fail to see any harm done.


Ttile deleted for those who may be sensitive to this issue
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> on 11/26/00 10:08 PM, Stacey E. Mills, M.D. at w4sm@cstone.net wrote:
> >> Have a question for all of you:  Do you call CQ or answer a call using
> >> professional titles ?
> >
> > Gee, there's nothing I enjoy better than spending four days slaving over
> > AO-40 only to get called on the carpet on the amsat-bb.
> Stacey,
> Some of us could care less if you have MD after your name!  I don't know
> what crawled up this guy's shorts!
> Thank you for all the work you've put in to the bird and for getting it up
> there and getting it working.  You have earned the right to put whatever
> want after your name including "Satellite God."
> Perhaps once this guy helps build a satellite, helps test it, helps launch
> it and helps commission it, and puts in a lot of time and money of his
> then perhaps then he can complain about people's names or titles.
> >
> > Do you really think that all I do is send e-mails to ham sites???
> > Look at the signature file accompanying the e-mail.  That's where I try
> > express my status.
> Some hams have no other life.
> >
> > My title appears in my e-mail address because it's in my "personality"
> > setup in Eudora.  Sorry, but I use this mailer for a lot of my
> > work and I'm not going to repeatedly change personality settings just to
> > suit you.  I do try to change signature files accordingly, but some
times I
> > even forget that..
> Don't change it.  Big deal.  You earned your title.  And it's appropriate
> that anyone addressing you call you Dr. Mills.
> Thanks for ALL your hard work and thanks to the rest of the control team!
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D
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