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Re: Re: Using Professional Titles on Amsat-bb

on 11/26/00 10:08 PM, Stacey E. Mills, M.D. at w4sm@cstone.net wrote:

>> Have a question for all of you:  Do you call CQ or answer a call using your
>> professional titles ?
> Gee, there's nothing I enjoy better than spending four days slaving over
> AO-40 only to get called on the carpet on the amsat-bb.


Some of us could care less if you have MD after your name!  I don't know
what crawled up this guy's shorts!

Thank you for all the work you've put in to the bird and for getting it up
there and getting it working.  You have earned the right to put whatever you
want after your name including "Satellite God."

Perhaps once this guy helps build a satellite, helps test it, helps launch
it and helps commission it, and puts in a lot of time and money of his own,
then perhaps then he can complain about people's names or titles.

> Do you really think that all I do is send e-mails to ham sites???
> Look at the signature file accompanying the e-mail.  That's where I try to
> express my status.

Some hams have no other life.

> My title appears in my e-mail address because it's in my "personality"
> setup in Eudora.  Sorry, but I use this mailer for a lot of my professional
> work and I'm not going to repeatedly change personality settings just to
> suit you.  I do try to change signature files accordingly, but some times I
> even forget that..

Don't change it.  Big deal.  You earned your title.  And it's appropriate
that anyone addressing you call you Dr. Mills.

Thanks for ALL your hard work and thanks to the rest of the control team!



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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