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Re: Using Professional Titles on Amsat-bb

Have a question for all of you:  Do you call CQ or answer a call using your
professional titles ?

Certainly- you don't call CQ or reply to a call by saying-Hi - this is
......... M.D, or .......... Ph.D, or
Dr.  ........, or .............. Not a Ph.D  !

Bottomline: There is a place for using professional titles- and Ham Radio is
not one of them. A long time ago- I called CQ on 20m and received a reply
from a ham in Scottsdale, Arizona , who said : Hi- My name is Barry.  Note-
he did not say- this is Senator Barry Goldwater !  Nor - did I say : hi -
this is Dr. ........

Hope you got the message !  Professional titles have their place - at work
or where you hang your shingle and they shouldn't be used on the air or on a
ham-radio message Board. Your name and your call - are the only things that
should be used.

All the Best,
Jim,  N6MV

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