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Re: PSK-1 & FT-847 packet jack?

I just wanted to let you know that I constructed a cable from the HF data
port of my FT-847 to J1 of my PSK-1 and am now successful at copying AO-40
telemetry using P3T.  The one thing about my cable connecting the packet
port of the FT847 to J1 is that both the 1200 and 9600 pins (pin 5 and pin 4
respectively) are connected to pin 4 of J1.  I was told awhile back that
this was ok but I have to admit that I was never successful at copying any
of the digital birds with these pins connected in this way.  I will
construct a new packet cable along the lines of Howard Long's .

Thanks to all of you for helping me along.  I am quite thrilled to watch the
telemetry scroll onto my computer screen and with a little luck finally work
UO-22 or KO-25 as well.  Thanks again.

Kevin Smith

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