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Re: Windows Soundcard AO-40 Decode

Hi Ed, Frank, Hamish

If you use the FFTDSP program, you'll likely need a Soundblaster (and
preferably not a new fangled one based on a new chipset!).

My understanding is that as a DOS prog, FFTDSP directly accesses the
hardware, hence the dependency.

The  IZ8BLY P3D telemetry decoder uses the Windoze API layer and so should
not be hardware dependent.

However, some of those other modes may well require DOS based progs which
_will_ directly access the hardware.

So, like Ed said, for _all_ those modes stick to the standard Sound Blaster
cards using the original chipsets if at all possible. Stating 'Sound Blaster
Compatible' is like saying your watch is waterproof to 3 inches in my
experience. There's compatible and compatible!

73 Howard G6LVB

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> >On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 02:29:10PM -0500, Frank Grossman wrote:
> >> I'm contemplating purchase of a refurbished Dell system for the ham
> >> to, among other things, do PSK400 telemetry, PSK31 on H.F. and possibly
> >> other digital satellite and H.F. modes.  How fussy need I be about the
> sound
> >> card.  Is only real SoundBlaster acceptable, or are the Turtle Beach
> >> Dell puts in many of their systems fine?
> >
> >All cards should work on Windows, as long as they are supported by
> >Having said that, I don't think the Turtle Beach cards are very good,
> >so don't pay any extra for one.
> >Hamish
> Frank,
> The problem usually isn't whether it will run on the windows OS, but
> whether the after-market or share-ware application will support it.  For
> instance if you want to run FFTDSP-42 by AF9Y or the DSP programs from
> Brian Beezly, you need a "real" soundblaster card.  If I were you I would
> pay for the real thing then it won't be a issue.  {the above ref. programs
> display a waterfall spectrum display of your receiver audio and enhance
> receiver audio in some cases}
> Ed
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