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RE: Major Solar Event, A0-40, button down your hatches!

> The sun has been EXTREMELY ACTIVE over the past day.
> #1: 24NOV 0500UTC X2 FLARE  Shock wave:  912 km/sec +CME +PROTON EVENT
> #2: 24NOV 1500UTC X2 FLARE  Shock wave: 1200 km/sec +CME +PROTON EVENT
> #3: 24NOV 2200UTC X2 FLARE  Shock wave: 1916 km/sec +CME
> #4: 25NOV 0100UTC M8 FLARE  Shock wave: still being determined

Seems to have been another couple since, including an X4 class flare

> SUMMARY: We have FOUR CME's/shockwaves enroute to planet 
> Earth right now
> (and perhaps more if further flares are produced from this region).

At least 6 CMEs now on the way.

Hope our birds survive the rough trip....
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