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Re: Windows Soundcard AO-40 Decode

>On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 02:29:10PM -0500, Frank Grossman wrote:
>> I'm contemplating purchase of a refurbished Dell system for the ham shack
>> to, among other things, do PSK400 telemetry, PSK31 on H.F. and possibly
>> other digital satellite and H.F. modes.  How fussy need I be about the
>> card.  Is only real SoundBlaster acceptable, or are the Turtle Beach cards
>> Dell puts in many of their systems fine?
>All cards should work on Windows, as long as they are supported by Windows.
>Having said that, I don't think the Turtle Beach cards are very good,
>so don't pay any extra for one.


The problem usually isn't whether it will run on the windows OS, but
whether the after-market or share-ware application will support it.  For
instance if you want to run FFTDSP-42 by AF9Y or the DSP programs from
Brian Beezly, you need a "real" soundblaster card.  If I were you I would
pay for the real thing then it won't be a issue.  {the above ref. programs
display a waterfall spectrum display of your receiver audio and enhance
receiver audio in some cases}

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