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There's AO-40!

Thanks to all for the help! I could not hear the sat on the omni (ringo
ranger) at all, but when I quickly threw the 5 el beam on I could hear it.
Only decoded a small amount of data on signal peaks, even though I had no
s-meter movement. Looks like I need to build or buy some yagi's to join in
on the fun.  By the way, when I set up the PSK-1 and put the 400b modem on
line I would get a constant stream of "AAAAAAA"'s then a data burst of
readable text, then back to "AAAAA"'s again when the lock lite was out, does
that sound normal?  The Sat signal seemed to get stronger just before it
dropped out of sight.  Thanks again guys!  73 KI0BK

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