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Re: CW of DSS???

> Hey Tom...
> I've heard those CW transmissions when my local cable system has had
> problems.  They sound like transponder identifications, just like the fast
> CW ID's one hears on police, fire and other public safety and commercial
> repeaters.

They are called ATIS I think.  Every TVRO satellite transponder has them. I've decoded 
them in the past, and they have things like the telephone number of the uplink site and 
a few other similar items repeated over and over.

Since the DSS channel originates with a regular VCII scrambled C-band transmission, 
sometimes, when the VCII audio goes out, they substitute regular analog audio.  The 
regular audio would be on a 6.8MHz subcarrier, and the ATIS is usually at 7.1 MHz, so 
the DSS uplinker probably got the wrong freq off the C-band signal.

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