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Help for auto-tracking

Dear friends,

I need help!
My auto tracking system was drived by an old Macintosh, with SatellitePro
software and Mirage MTI tracking Interface. All was old (not Y2K compliant
software) and I am switching to PC, Windows, NOVA sofware.
Rotors are Kenpro KR-500 and Yaesu G-400 RC.
I want try to use the old Mirage MTI Interface to drive the rotors via the NOVA
The problem is to connect correctly the MTI to the serial (or parallel) port of
the PC and set the software correctly to read and drive the rotor position.
I know there are Interfaces working good with NOVA and Yaesu/Kenpro rotors: my
trip was to use the MTI Interface that I have at my station.

I am looking for Hams who have worked at this problem and can help me found a

I do not know if this list is the correct one for my question: if not please
me, but give me the correct address for such questions.

Thank you and best 73's de Fabio, HB9AUS


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