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Re: AO-40 demod for DSP1232/DSP2232

Hello Claudio!

25 Nov 00 17:31, you wrote to MCGWIER ROBERT:

 CM> Well if it complained about your mail it must be right :) Please try
 CM> to use text only. You must understand that not all people use a GUI
 CM> based program to read e-mail. For example right now I'm using Pine
 CM> 4.20 (Unix) one a VT-100 compatible terminal...
 CM> Maybe somehow the PDP-11 still rules the world, not 2000 ;)

In any case, the list is best keps text only.  I can think of a few good

1.  As you stated, not everyone uses HTML aware email systems (I don't here, by
2.  Allowing HTML and other attachments is a sure way to spread viruses among
most Windows users (can anyone say "KaK worm" and "I Frame volnerability"?)
3.  It saves bandwidth, so everyone spends less time downloading their mail.

I'm happy to keep the list as it is, even though I've run foul of the HTML
filter when posting from work after forgetting to check the plain text option.

Tony, VK3JED

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