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Re: RAW-data telemetry realtime soundcard decoder

Hello Astronautic!

25 Nov 00 21:53, you wrote to Ralf Sinning:

 AT> I too have downloaded this programme but couldn't make it work.  I
 AT> must be doing something wrong.
 AT> I am using IC 970 and have taken the audio output from the headphone
 AT> to feed the sound card like I do for my NOAA reception.

Got it working with a similar setup (HF rig, transverter, headphone socket to
soundcard).  The trick is getting the program to tune to the correct frequency.
You have to fiddle with the waterfall display to tune the program to the right
frequency.  Then it works well.

Only issue is I found the output less useful than that of the AMSAT-France
decoder.  Would be nice if the new one could generate .TLM files.

Tony, VK3JED

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