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Re: Windows Soundcard AO-40 Decode


I think you did not understand the meaning of my post correctly. If you
see that post as me pretending to be rude, you are wrong. That was not the
point. I just asked a question making an observation along the way, and it
was about a piece of _software_ not fighting against anyone! And believe
me, the reason I did it was for the sake of trying to enhance sharing of
knowledge among amateur operators, by means of using a _better_ piece of

Together with my ham friends I have been fighting against the kind of
atitudes that you refer, in my country (Portugal) for some time now, and I
will gladly help anyone as far as I can go.

So please don't give up ham radio, sometimes we read things and do not
get the right meaning...

Best regards and a nice weekend


  Claudio Martins

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000 combatsent@qwest.net wrote:

> I was hoping that the Amateur Radio system had gotten better over the years and
> that all of the in-fighting over radios and now computers had abated. It looks
> like it has just gotten worse instead of better. You people still degrade the new
> hams and the ones who want to learn. You purposely demean each others operating
> practices and completely disrespect each other. No wonder that you cannot get
> down to helping others and even show them that Amateur Radio is a respectable and
> noble undertaking. I was just about to jump back in and get my ticket back, but
> you have shown me that you are all still as mean and nasty as you used to be. I
> do believe that there is a group of really nice and wonderful people out there
> who love what they do, but why try to join a group of people who act the way that
> you act.
> You should be ashamed to be this way and those of you who value the old meaning
> of being a "ham" should find a way to get rid of the bad apples.
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> Claudio Martins wrote:
> > Well it still is a toy operating system anyway. Or else it would happily
> > run all programs designed for Win9X family. What type of compatibility
> > is this????
> >
> > best regards
> >
> >    Claudio Martins
> >
> > On 25 Nov 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:
> >
> > > Hope it will work under NT as well (hate all those who think we all run toy
> > > operating systems - NT is a little more suited to my purposes :) ).
> > >
> >
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