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AO-40 Sound-Card TLM

Followed steps to decode the AO-40 400Bps beacon with sound Card and
compatible software.

1º With a sound card, we record a P3D.WAV file (8.000Hz - Mono-audio)
We read the P3D.WAV file with the Spectogram program (for example) to obtain
the central audio-frequency (C.Frx) typically 1.400 - 1.600 Hz

2º We decode the P3D.WAV file with the PSKDEM program by F1HDD, obtaining a
P3D.TLM file.
(The PSKDEM program request the (C.Frx in Hz) that previously read with the

3º Finally with the TLMDEC program, processes the P3D.TLM file and we obtain
a P3D.TXT file with the satellite telemetry. ( TLMDEC > P3D.TXT )

Telemetry samples files can be found at:

73 de Miguel, EA1BCU
  Miguel A. Menéndez  // Apdo. 79  Avilés // 33400 ASTURIAS Spain.
   E-mail: ea1bcu@amsat.org     www.telecable.es/personales/ea1bcu

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