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Re: P3D decoder

There is plenty of ASCII text to read along with a bunch of
binary telemetry.  Put your rx on either LSB or USB and tune
until the two horizontal lines on the waterfall line up with the
two major peaks.  I see the phase display pointing at 6 o'clock
and adjust the volume down to where the length of the vector
is just touching the edge of the circle.  This may not be the
best place but it seems to work for me.  I've not yet figured
out the clock alignment and bit shape displays yet.  Since Nino
ripped most of this code from one of his earlier programs, there
might be an explanation/help file for it on his web site.

Have fun!

Richard W5SXD

Mike West wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> I too am trying out Nino's program.  So far all I get is a screen full of
> letters and numbers. Seems like a few things are being repeated.
> Would you mind telling me just what you did to get the real time read out?  Or
> do I need to run what I copied into some other program to read???
> Thanks,
> de mike

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