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Re: AO-40 Orbit

>In article <>,
>Bill Richarz <wricharz@infi.net> writes
>>I have been listening on an FM receiver for the beacon on 145.895
>>(nearest I could get to 145.898), and I think I'm hearing very strong
>>telemetry signals, or other bursts of information.  According to my
>>tracking programs, AO-40 is not visible whenever I'm hearing this.
>>Maybe some other signal from somewhere???


I listened to the AO-40 145.898 beacon last weekend and, out of interest
what folks with only FM rigs would hear, I switched over to FM.  All I
heard was quieting on the freq. due to the basic carrier.  If there was
recovered audio it was very faint.  My guess the 400 bps psk deviation is
too little for reception on 7.5 KHz NBFM.

In light of this and the fact that AO-40 was not visible, I suspect you are
listening to something else!

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