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Re: Link budgets??

wb4gcs@AMSAT.Org (Jim Sanford) writes:

> Looking in the long term at doing more dsp at the antenna, using some of the
> chipsets available from Maxim and Analog Devices, I realize that it is 
> possible to be free of the traditional v/u band IF's for the microwave gear.

Who needs an IF at all?  :-)

Check out the Maxim 2701 and 2721.  I've bought a few samples, but haven't 
had time to play with them yet.


These and a few related bits could make for a really nifty S band transceiver.

Too bad there aren't parts that cute that would work around 1270 Mhz!  A small,
portable, dedicated L/S transceiver for AO-40 could be a lot of fun...

73 - Bdale, KB0G

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