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Re: Instant Track 1.50 default sat track

At 07:53 AM 11/25/2000 -0600, hasan schiers wrote:
>There is a way to control what 7 default satellites show up in the main
>(program opening - main menu), and text tracking screen. It appears that the
>program merely selects the first 7 objects in it's numbered database, which
>of course, includes the sun and the moon.

As Jim pointed out, the bottom row display takes the first up-to-7 objects in the database that are assigned to the "!" group.

If there are fewer than 7 of them, InstantTrack adds the Sun, and then the Moon, to the list. So if you still want the Sun and Moon on the right, you need to limit the "!" group to five satellites. You can also add the Sun and/or Moon to the "!" group explicitly, which always puts them on the left since they're fixed as objects #1 and #2.

>I would like to change (like delete Mir and add a LU) the order and/or
>replace some of these birds.

If you want to change the order, the easiest way is the utility program ITSORT (which ships with InstantTrack 1.50, and is also available from http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftpsoft.html#pc-it). Read the manual (ITSORT.TXT) to learn how. This program gives helpful messages when you run it from a DOS prompt, but if you run it from Windows, the messages are likely to disappear before you can see them. That's why I suggest reading the manual.

>I forgot how much I liked this program. Even with all the "fancy" Win98
>based programs out there, I still am very fond of Instant Track and it seems
>to run just fine in a dos window of Win98SE. (It is a processor hog).

Thanks. You can reduce the processor hogging under Win98 by running IT.EXE from a shortcut and adjusting the Idle Sensitivity setting in the shortcut's Properties.

73  -Paul

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